Easy to make: Autumnal Sewing Projects

What can I make using Cotton Poplin?

Well, Heather is here to show you some of her fabulous autumnal ideas made over the weekend using our Ochre Oklahoma Cotton Fabric.

From Mobile Phone Body Pouch Bags to Purses and Facemasks, Heather is extremley talented in all areas of Sewing, Knitting and Crochet.

Mobile Phone Cross Body Pouch

Made from her own pattern, Heather created this Crossbody Pouch, perfect for storing mobile phones and purses. Fitted with a handy strap and a magnetic clasp, this is the perfect sewing project for those wanting to test their sewing skills.

The bag is lined using a Plain Rainbow Craft Fabric and co-ordinating Fabrics are used on the Flap and Lining. To make the Pouch sterdy, Heather used Wadding and Interfacing.

If you fancy giving this a go, Heather has made an amazing YouTube tutorial to talk you through every step. Watch the video on our Channel here


A great project for those just starting to sew, are facemasks. These are really easy to make and only need a small amount of fabric. Not only that, but there are many benefits to wearing Handmade Fabric Facemasks:

    1. They are reusable – you can wear, wash and reuse them!
    2. They’re washable – popping your mask in a 60°C wash will kill any COVID-19 particles
    3. They’re eco-friendly – you only need one or two instead of using lots of cheap ones that are just thrown away!

      Don't know how to make one? Watch Heathers YouTube Tutorial here

      Coin Purse

      This is another great project to begin with, introducing zips and lining. These make great Stocking Fillers and Gift and can be made in any Fabric.

      You can find tutorials on how to sew a Coin Purse on YouTube!

      If you fancy giving any of these projects a go, make sure to check out the tutorials on YouTube or pop us a message; Heather has some great tips and tricks!

      See you next time,

      Lucy x


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