What can I make using a Fat Quarter Bundle?

What can I make using a Fat Quarter Bundle?

It has been one of our most frequently asked questions over the years. 

Well, our team have been busy Sewing, helping to answer that question for you.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the inspiration to make something new, we often stick with what we know and rarely stray from the beaten path.

Fat Quarter Bundles (from our experience) are normally used when making quilts, these bundles are colour co-ordinated and designed by our brilliant team to help when purchasing fabrics online. Colours can sometimes be tricky to photograph and see online, so we pride ourselves on creating bespoke bundles perfect for all kinds of Sewing and Crafting.

Aside from quilting, there are many other fat quarter bundle projects that are not only super easy to follow, but also really enjoyable to make.

Featured in our most recent ‘Material Girls’ live Facebook video, Heather and Chloe shared some projects our team have been working on this week, all made using one of our Peacock Themed fat quarter bundles.

Click here to see the Peacock Bundle

Here are the finished projects from our team!

Scrunchies & Hair Bows

A really fun and easy to follow project are Scrunchies and matching Hair Bows. These were made by Kira, using two tutorials found on Youtube. You can even add Clips or Hair Slides to the back of the bows. Scrunchies are a great project to begin with as it only includes 1 piece of fabric, some elastic and the essentials to sew the scrunchie.

How to make Fabric Bows

How to make a Scrunchie

A mobile phone pouch

A more intermediate project would be a phone fabric pouch, perfect for storing your phone when you are out and about. This was made by Heather, using her own pattern. 

The pouch is lined with medium weight interfacing and wadding. The front, back and flap include interfacing and bosal form too - these make the pouch more sturdy and less 'floppy.'

A magnetic clasp has been used to keep the pouch secure, when the magnetic clasp is inserted, make sure to use Prym Fray Check to stop the holes from fraying.

The strap piece measured 1 inch x 36 inches and was folded to make 1/2 an inch strap. The overall size of the pouch is 8 1/2 x 5 inches, flap is 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches and the clasp is placed 3 inches up and 2 1/2 inches from the side.

Heather will be creating a tutorial on how to make the pouch very soon!

Fabric Coasters & Tissue Case

Great to make for stocking fillers or little gifts are Fabric coasters, eco friendly make-up wipes and Tissue Holders. These were made by Amanda.

To make the coasters and make-up wipes, Amanda cut 5 inch squares, using towelling on the make-up wipes and double sided fabric on the coasters. Lay the right sides together, stitch all the way around leaving gap (for turning the right way) and then top stitch from the outside to close.

Amanda quilted hers afterwards but this is optional.

The tissue case was made using a tutorial on Youtube, find the tutorial here

Cushion Covers with handmade Poms Poms

Cushion Covers are so easy to make and can transform any room. These were made by Lynne, the pom poms were made using our Pom Pom maker too and add the perfect finishing touch. 

Lynne cut the Fat Quarter pieces 17 x 17 inches and stuffed using a larger cushion sized 18 x 18 inches. The cushions are backed using a Polycotton Plain Fabric and finished using buttons from an old coat.

Find the Pom Pom Maker here

There are a wide variety of things that can be made using just one fat quarter piece, these pieces can measure differently depending on the shop you are purchasing from, however ours tend to measure approx 18 x 22 inches or 20 x 22 inches (depending on the fabric)

Why not give some of these projects a go? Christmas will soon be here and handmade gifts are always the best to receive. If you need any tips or tricks on how these are made, feel free to pop us an email or direct message us on Facebook and our team will be able to help.

See you next time!

Lucy x


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