10 Handy Sewing Tips and Tricks

10 Handy Sewing Tips & Tricks

With a team of 12 ladies, all who love to sew and craft, we thought why not round up our favourite Sewing tips that are super useful to know when starting on your sewing journey... 

1. Don't buy expensive paper for making patterns. Use greaseproof paper, or brown paper. Reynolds Freezer Paper is our favourite as it is really affordable and easy to source! You can find the Reynolds paper here

2.When using Iron-on interfacing, cut it to size and shape, then iron it onto the uncut fabric. It is easier to cut out the fabric and far less is wasted. Iron-on interfacing is great for dressmaking, bag making and lots more sewing projects. Find ours here

3. Sew with a small magnet by the side of you, then when you drop/lose needles and pins, wave it around the area until it finds them! You could also invest in a magnetic wrist Pinny, these are perfect for storing pins whilst you work! Both of these options save a lot of sore feet! Find our wrist pinny here 

4. Next time you make a pincushion, use steel wool as stuffing. This will keep your pins and needles extra sharp as the steel wool sharpens them every time the pins/needles are poked into the cushion!

5. Keep your sewing scissors for fabric only as paper blunts scissors. To sharpen them, you can take a piece of silver foil, fold it into strips (as if making a fan) and then cut up the strips of foil using your scissors. You can find our scissors here

6. When sewing multiple layers, instead of using pins, try wonder clips! These are great for sewing and come in many different sizes. Not only will they protect your fabric, but also save the tips of your fingers a lot of pain!! You can find our selection of Wonder-clips here

7. Ever wondered what the tiny red ball is on the end of an un-picker? Well... unpicking stitches in fabric can often leave noticeable holes, if you move the red ball in a circular motion over the holes, the fabric will repair itself by the fibres weaving back together. Find our un-picker here

8. A tiny travel iron is the perfect tool for your sewing space and great for getting into those hard to reach places when pressing seams. You can also grab yourself a sleeve board to make life a little easier!

9. If you find it difficult to sew in a straight line, mark the fabric lightly with a fabric marker pen. You'll find it a lot easier to sew accurately if you have a straight line to follow. Find our fabric marker pens here

10. Slow down and enjoy the process! Sewing is just as much about the making process as it is about the finished result. It isn't a race!

We hope you love these handy tips and tricks, if you have more that you have picked up along your sewing journey, please do let us know, we would love to share them on our socials! 

Until next time, Lucy x




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