5 Bag Making Tips you NEED to know
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5 Bag Making Tips you NEED to know 

Bag Making is a great hobby and the process should be really enjoyable. Make sure to start with something simple and work up towards the more involved bags. 

Here are a few tips that I wish I'd known when I first started my Bag Making journey!

1. Make sure your machine is equipped to handle all of the layers that you might need to sew, especially if you want to use Faux Leather or Canvas. Sometimes there can be 5 or 6 layers when Bag Making, so it is important that you don't overwork your machine. 


2. Make sure you use the correct needle in your machine. A jeans needle is a great one to use when working with thicker fabrics as it is more heavy duty. For general Quilting Cottons I would recommend 90/14. Make sure not to use a leather needle for Faux Leather sewn onto Woven Fabric as it has a point like a blade.

3. Make sure to use a longer stitch length on Faux Leather, I would recommend using a 3mm stitch length for sewing together layers and a 3.5/4mm for topstitching.

4. When using Fleece or Bosal Foam be sure to trim it out of your seams after sewing to reduce bulk. If you are using iron on foam or fleece then you can cut it smaller by the size of your seam allowance.

5. When starting your bag making journey, I would recommend using cotton or canvas fabrics to start with. If a mistake is made, it is easier to unpick and start again. On Faux Leather or Vinyl, the holes are permanent and show through if unpicked.

For more tips and tricks, feel free to pop us an email: sales@alwaysknittingandsewing.co.uk or visit our us on Facebook and Instagram. 

Here are some bags made by Heather





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