Beginner Crochet Tips

Beginner Crochet Tips

Starting something new can often feel daunting, but it is important to remember that practice makes perfect. I started my Crochet journey at the beginning of lockdown and since then I have made lots of different projects including; Shrugs, Cowl's, Cardigans and more!

So here are my beginner Crochet Tips that I hope will help you on your own journey... 

1. Watch as many YouTube tutorials as you can. You can watch our 'How to crochet' tutorial on our Channel here or Bella Coco is another great channel to watch. We recommend watching as many tutorials as you can because there are so many different ways to hold your yarn/hook as well as making a slip knot, so it is important to find what works best for you. 

2. Make sure to count your stitches. As you can see from the image below, when I first started, I didn't count my stitches. I was originally going to pull the stitches back, but was persuaded otherwise so I could review my progress in the future. It makes me chuckle every time I wear it, but once tucked in no one knows the difference!

3. Try making a Cowl instead of a scarf. It is a lot easier because there are no edges, just one big loop!

4. For your next project, try a shrug. Essentially, it is just a rectangle folded in half and stitched together to make armholes. You can watch lots of tutorials on YouTube.

5. Keep a note of the project, pattern and hook you are using so if you leave the project (or have several projects on the go at once) you know exactly where you are up to once you return to the project. A project bag comes in really handy when trying to keep all of your projects together and in one place. You can find our project bags here

6. Most importantly, persevere. When I first started to learn how to crochet, about an hour later and having watched countless YouTube videos, I finally made a slip-knot. Two months later I had made a jumper. Once you have mastered the double and treble crochet, a lot of other stitches are just a combination of those!

I hope these tips help, just remember practice makes perfect, be patient with your progress and you'll do great. Here are some more projects I have completed.


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Amanda x

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