Project Tool Kit: Bag Making

Your project tool kit: Bag Making

Like any Knitting, Sewing or Crochet project, there are lots of different tools/accessories you can use to help you through a project.

Learning something new can be a little over facing sometimes, but don't worry, we are here to help. In this blog series, our team will talk you through the different tools/accessories needed for different crafting projects. This week, we will be taking a look into Heather's Bag Making Tool Kit, perfect for those just starting out or already on their Bag Making journey. 

Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat

You might already have these in your craft space, but if not, both of these are great for an array of different projects. A great rotary cutter and large cutting mat can speed up the duration of a project, making it easier and more organised. You can purchase rotary cutters and cutting mats in different sizes to suit your needs. Find our rotary cutters here 


Wonder-clips are a great tool to have in your kit. These come in handy when working with lots of different layers of fabric. If you are making a bag using Faux Leather or vinyl, pins may create holes that are permanent or noticeable.You can find our wonder-clips here

Glue Stick Pen

Glue Stick Pens are designed to hold fabrics in place without the need for pins. The glue dries clear and is water soluble. Great for projects that consist of many layers of fabric. Find ours here 

Teflon Foot

A Teflon coated foot is great for both straight or decorative stitching on Leather, Vinyl, Suede or other fabrics that may stick to a regular presser foot. The coated backing prevents the fabric from tugging against the foot and allows it to glide through the machine with ease.

Pressing Cloth 

A pressing cloth is a great essential to have in your kit, perfect for when attaching iron-on interfacing. Use a scrap piece of 100% Cotton to ensure that the interfacing is ironed on correctly. 

1/4 Inch Quilting Tape

This is a brilliant tool for putting in zips. The tape can be sewn through without being moved and washed away later (leaving no residue), helping you to ensure that your zip is sewn onto your bag straight. 

Temporary Marking Pen 

You can purchase these pens in a choice of water erasable or air erasable, both perfect for marking out sewing and craft projects. These are great if you are pattern piecing. You can find ours here


Last but not least, patience. Practice makes perfect, take your time and watch as many YouTube tutorials as you can! 

See you next time for our next project tool kit! 





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