Easy to Make: Felted Christmas Tree Decorations

Easy to make: Felted Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating the house for Christmas is always an exciting time, especially for those with Children. 

Making your own handmade decorations can make the day even more special; Bunting, Cushions, Wreaths, Stockings and Table Runners are just a few of the popular christmas decorations made every year around the world.

A fun project to make are Felted Tree Decorations; perfect to make with little ones too. Amanda has been busy this week, making her own felted decorations ready for Christmas this year; A Christmas Tree and a Disney Inspired Mickey (If you are a Disney fan you will love this one)

These ornaments are really easy to make and a great way to use up bits and bobs already in your stash. It is also a great way to personalise your tree and make it that extra bit special.

Felted Christmas Tree

Felted Disney Inspired Mickey

To make the Tree Decoration you will need:


  1. Using the tree and stump template cut 2 triangles and 2 stumps using the correct coloured felt (Amanda used Pinking Sheers to cut these)
  2. Lay buttons as you would like them displayed on one side of the felt triangle and sew these on using embroidery thread
  3. Glue or Sew on the ribbon at the top of the felt triangle, creating a loop so the decoration can be hung (Amanda cut 15cm)
  4. Blanket stitch the stump onto the bottom of the felt triange
  5. Place both sides together and use a running stitch in embroidery thread to sew the sides together (Don't forget to stuff the tree)

 To make the Mickey Inspired Decoration Amanda used a blog on Pinterest. She traced the outline of Mickey using a large roll of Cellotape and two pennies. From here she cut the Felt and used a Blanket Stitch to Sew the sides together.

We hope this has inspired you to make something handmade this Christmas. If you want any tips and tricks on how to make these, let us know and we will be happy to create a tutorial for you on our Youtube Channel.

See you next time,

Lucy x


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