Twins NOT Sisters - How to match Stripes in Socks
Twins not Sisters! 
How to match Stripes in Socks

We are often asked "When knitting socks, how do you make sure the colours match at the same point on each sock?" 

Well, our wonderfully talented Donna is here to help. She has written this short tutorial to teach you how.

Start by pulling the Yarn from the ball and look for the start of a colour - try and find the start of a long colour sequence rather than a short one so that it can be easily identified when you come to knit your second sock. Plus this will look much better at the top or toe of each sock. You can start from a short colour sequence but it is easier to start on a long one. All of the colour sequences are repeated throughout the ball of wool.

I find if you lay the wool out on a table top and find the start of the long colour sequence, take a photograph and then you have a reference point for your next sock. Make sure you leave enough wool before you start, to enable you to cast on the required number of stitches. Here is an example; Start at the highlighted section. 

Cast on your stitches from the start of the long colour sequence for both socks and hey presto you have a pair of matching striped socks.

These were made using Regia 4 Ply Sock Wool - Only 1 ball needed for both socks! 

Until next time! Donna x



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