British Based West Yorkshire Spinners Yarns!
Great News! 

We are extremely happy to announce that we now stock

West Yorkshire Spinners Yarns! 


For those who may not have heard of WYS. The company are one of the very few remaining Knitting Brands in the UK Market still developing and manufacturing Yarns in house!

The WYS factory is based in the county of West Yorkshire which is the original home of the British Worsted Spinning Industry! The company was formed in 1997 in Oxenhope, a small village outside Keighley and 2002 the factory moved to Dalton Lane Keighley.

New machinery has been purchased which makes West Yorkshire Spinners one of the most efficient and productive plants in its field.

These Yarns are great for a variety of different Knitting and Crochet Projects with WYS Signature Ranges being great for Sock making! 

Why not give Sock making a go? We have a perfect pattern, brilliant for beginners that you can purchase here 

If you visit WYS website here they have lots of FREE patterns on there for you to download! Perfect for those who are beginners or at an intermediate level.

Fancy having a browse at the collections we stock? Visit our Wool Section here

 Until next time! Lucy x 


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