Everything you need to know about Sock Knitting and Yarn!
Heathers Guide to Sock Yarn and Knitting!

If you haven't watched our latest Material Girls Facebook Live with Heather and Chloe, please make sure you do! Heather is a genius when it comes to Sock Yarn/Knitting and has some great tips and tricks great for beginners and those who knit on a regular basis. Watch the video here

Here are some tips I picked up from watching Heathers Video earlier today:

When starting a Knitting Project, make sure to have an allocated project bag for that specific project. If you are working on a few different knitted items at once, make sure to put the pattern in the correct project bag, as well as making notes of were you are up too and what needle size you are using!

Foam Knitting Stoppers are a great little essential to have in your project bag. Great for putting on the end of your needles when you are putting a project away. You can buy these from eBay or Amazon!

 If you want to Knit Socks, make sure to use wool and not acrylic. Believe it or not, socks knitted in wool don't get smelly! Wool has anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties. The thin waxy coating of wool fibre contains fatty acids that inhibit the growth of Mold, Mildew and Bacteria! 

If you are a beginner knitter, Double Knitting wool is a good one to start with. It grows a lot faster. 4 Ply is often the yarn used for Sock Knitting. 

There are some yarns that can be washed in a machine and others that need to be washed by hand.

West Yorkshire Spinners Yarn can be super-washed! This means that the socks can be put into the washing machine. Be careful, as some yarn can't be super-washed. If the yarn you are using can't be super-washed, make sure to do this by hand and try not to use a lot of friction. You can hand-wash Socks using a little bit of mild Fairy Liquid.

Believe it or not, you only need ONE ball of wool to make a pair of socks! You'll have plenty of wool left over afterwards too - Yippee!

What can you make using left over wool? Well there are a couple of things Heather makes using her leftover wool:

Ankle Socks - Great for those who prefer to wear shorter socks. These are really easy to knit and a lot quicker too.

Rainbow Blanket - Using left over colours, why not create a colourful blanket that can be treasured. Use all of your left-over yarn by doing a few rows a day/week, in a couple of months you'll have a beautiful rainbow blanket perfect for yourself or a gift.

Rainbow Socks - Much like the rainbow blanket, why not make some colourful funky socks? Use different colours throughout the sock to create a cool pattern. These can be gifted to someone special. 

If you fancy giving Sock Making a go, there are lots of easy patterns online. Here is a pattern by West Yorkshire Spinners, free and available to download Click Here

To view all of our Yarn/Wool, visit our website here

Until next time! Lucy x


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