The Great British Sewing Bee…Technical Fabric Week

Well what a contrast, from last week’s fun groovy 1970’s, to this weeks tough technical fabric makes…maybe Ben was the lucky one, leaving the competition and missing out on this tough challenge ? got to say, the contestants didn’t look cock a hoop !

The first challenge was to make a panelled swim suit, using lycra and a mesh lining. The results were positively surprising considering the trials and tribulations experienced by the sewers during their three hours…. it didn’t look fun….more like completing community service ! Janet was in great demand as an adviser to her fellow contestants who clearly needed guidance and inspiration.

There didn’t seem to be any easy bits to this challenge, working with stretchy fabric, matching the mesh and piecing the jigsaw together. Don’t think i’ll be trying this make at home, the worthy winner was Juliet with a stunning swim suit worthy of the beach.

The transformation round seemed to take the sewers by surprise…a waterproof jacket for a dog made out of an old tent.  Now this is a make i’ve never considered, but if you have a dog, I guess could be quite fun, creating a bespoke jacket to suit the character of your dog. Jen won with her camouflage number whilst Juliet continued her success with a dog version of a Sherlock Holmes coat…Elementary I suppose.

This was obviously not the episode for me…the next challenge was to make a tracksuit with a stripe, another make not on my list, but the sewers excelled on this one…Ricardo’s skilful work produced a ‘ Bulgarian Olympic track suit from the 80’s…..which in my opinion was the worthy winner, but Garment of the week went to Jen with a tracksuit which also looked like it belonged to a Bond villain who was fond of cats.

Well someone didn’t enjoy this episode more than me……Alexsei had a bit of mare, particularly with the time restrictions again….he wont be joining us next week.



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