The Great British Sewing Bee…… 1970’s Week…..

I have fond memories of the 1970’s and this weeks show proved to be nostalgic for me….. whilst tricky for the contestants. To create authenticity….or was that really pressure ? vintage sewing machines replaced the modern ones.

The first challenge was to create a pair of flared jean trousers, iconic fashion of the 70’s initially worn by sailors.  My memory of flared blue jeans has got to be the rockers ‘Status Quo’ belting out their tunes. Three and a half hours were allowed for this 13 piece pattern challenge.

Poor Ben had a challenge to forget, Alexei failed to finish and Mercedes couldn’t get the zip right, which is always tricky, even without the pressure of time. Leah forgot to check the direction of the pile, so the front flowed in a different direction to the back, easy oversight, but difficult to hide. The winner was Jan with a mustard well made pair !

The transformation challenge was to produce a punk outfit, only one and a half hours for this one, and with a tough judge, Esme has experience in this line of tartan rebellion and anarchic designs. Alexei was a glutton for punishment and opted for trousers again, which resulted in last place, Riccardo took first place with tartan & zips…. I was happy to move on to the made to measure challenge, punk was never my thing….and this did not catch my imagination.

The five and a half hours were allocated to produce a maxi dress….more my scene than punk. The judges were looking for a good fit around the bust and waist with a flowing skirt to finish. Janet rolled back the years to make a dress that she last made in the 70’s for a wedding, featuring a scooped neck and bishops sleeves, the ditsy fabric was a great choice and I thought she was a worthy winner, but her bodged collar let her down.

Mercedes stole the show winning garment of the week, taking the plaudits of the judges for perfect balance & flow, impeccable neckline & gorgeous floral fabric, which created the embodiment  of the 1970’s………… It was time for Ben to go home, he’d had a bad day at the office, his adventurous quest for bespoke makes were hampered by the pressure of time limits…..A pattern is emerging here….keep it simple !




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