The enjoyment of crafting...


Crafts is the poetry of hands...

Reveals the soul of the one who feels

Expresses his desires and virtues...

Being the fruit of man's work, it is sacred.

Everyone who sets himself up,

Deep down, even if not knowing,

He wishes to kill the longing of his own creator

There is in man a divine child...

There is in the divine the resemblance of man

Maybe art has the power to unite things...

Maybe it's an instrument of peace between nations...

Maybe I have the power to relive All the good that was in ourselves,

And that, without realizing, we let fall asleep

Art moves the soul, relieves the weights of life...

Hands, much more than body parts,

Undoubtedly, they are the most powerful healing instruments we have...

Art is the poetry of hands!

Author: Eloisa Spray

Lent to us by Fernanda Sakalouski

of Felt Art Form Atelier



I stumbled across this beautiful poem this week and just loved it. For me it sums up what sewing and knitting is all about.

In our modern times of amazing technological advances we can sometimes forget the enjoyment that can be found in simple craft projects (and sometimes not so simple ones)

I am a knitter and occasional sewer and I know, as you probably do too, the joy of immersing myself in making something amazing. Learning from your mistakes as you go along, being frustrated, then happy when the end result is something that you have created from nothing but raw materials.

The satisfaction of sharing ideas and learning new skills together, socially in groups and the benefits this brings. Or crafting alone, the peacefulness this brings with time passing and the daily worries melting away.

Whatever your next project is, be assured that crafting in whatever form is good for you, physically and spiritually.

If you want to share your projects using technology, we have a group on face book to do just that. I love seeing what people make and get inspiration every day from how talented people are.

My current project is just being finished ( see below ) I had never knitted socks so decided to give them a try. Now these socks are not perfect and I made some mistakes along the way but I love them, I remember the frustrations along the way but mostly I loved making them. The sense of achievement is great and I will enjoy wearing them.


Finally, I hope you love the poem, keep crafting, it really is good for the soul

Best wishes Andrea

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