How to sew a button on the easy way

How to sew on a button the easy way



If you are stuck and not sure how to sew on a button here is a quick lesson and video to demonstrate an easy way to sew on a shirt, trouser or any button really.

What you need to get started


  1. A button
  2. Needle  
  3. Thread ( at least 20 – 24 inches long)
  4. Scissors
  5. Garment to sew button onto


Start by threading your needle, if you are like me and have trouble seeing the tiny eye in the needle then use a needle threader, they are amazing and so easy to use.


Once the needle is threaded, double over the thread and tie in a knot at the end, you are ready to get started now


Make an anchor starting at the front of the garment where the button is to be positioned. Sew through to the back, then again through to the front of the garment. You can do this a couple of times to make sure the cotton thread is securely attached to the garment, finishing with your needle at the back of the garment


Now position your button on the front of the garment and sew through the fabric and  one hole on the button bringing your needle to the front of the garment.  Now sew from front to back through the other hole (if it’s a two hole button). You can repeat this three to four times.


If you have a four hole button you will need to sew through the first two holes and then repeat with the second two holes.


Once the button feels securely attached you can finish with the cotton at the front of the fabric but underneath the button. Make an anchoring loop and thread the needle through the loop to securely tie off the cotton.  I usually do this twice. 



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