A 2020 Poem - An Army Of Crafters by Lucy Wood

‘An army of crafters’



Well what a year it has been… Here is a look back at what we have seen…


2020 came around, with hopeful dreams of what could have been,


But it wasn’t to be, because as we now know, we were about to be thrown into a tricky year to endure.


But hope was not lost throughout the 2020 detour.


With Knitting Needles and Sewing Machines at the ready, our wonderful community came together.


From supporting the NHS to helping the homeless, our army of crafters began to endeavour.


But wait what was this, another hurdle we were yet to discover?… A shortage of Elastic soon to be uncovered.


Our Fabrics in shades of Blue and Black were selling like hot cakes day by day.


Suppliers were stumped, but we made our way.


It was wonderful to see, a community so strong, those who had a place that they truly belonged.


In the midst of July an announcement had been set, that faces must be covered to prevent a bigger threat.


Our army of crafters set about their mission again, making thousands of face masks we will never forget.


Christmas came around and what was this we spotted?


Knitted Postbox Toppers soon started to appear, all in an effort to spread some festive cheer.


With 2020 drawing to a close, there’s something special we would like to propose.


A big applause for all those here, that have supported the country throughout the year.


To those in the NHS caring for those oh so dear, to those stuck at home with loneliness so near.


As the New Year is here, let’s send out a cheer, for all that we have accomplished in such a difficult year.






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