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Is it too early to be buying Christmas Fabrics ?


I know the gorgeous Mediterranean weather has only been gone for a week or so…..and hopefully there is an encore of sunshine to come but….. our Christmas Fabrics have started arriving at Always Knitting & Sewing from our suppliers.

This is the trigger when someone asks ” Is it too early to be buying Christmas Fabric?” We have all seen the Christmas Trees and decorations going up earlier and earlier at shopping centres each year, before we’ve had chance to finish off the treacle toffee, toffee apples and parkin ……but this is different…………or is it ?


Well I suppose its down to how organised we are with our festive sewing creations, buy early…more choice, more decisions, more ideas. Buy later Less choice, Less decisions, just get on with it !

We can’t decide either, so we don’t showcase our Christmas selection until nearer the time, but it always available to view online or at the shop, if you feel the urge for a Festive sneaky peak, click here to enjoy a bit of Christmas to come …….don’t let Santa catch you !


Whatever you decide, hope you love browsing through our Christmas selection at some stage !

Best Wishes