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How To Make Christmas Bunting
Bunting is one of the most popular sewing makes amongst our customers.  It is a great traditional decoration for many events and designs, and looks really effective.  Whether as a children’s themed design for a nursery or Halloween & Christmas Celebrations.
In this blog Lucy takes you through the process of making Christmas bunting, step by step.
You will need:
Main Fabric.
Backing Fabric.
Scissors / Rotary Cutter.
Bias Binding / Ribbon.
Triangle Template.
Sewing Machine.
Using your Main Fabric (in this case our Santa Fabric) and the Triangle Template (based on the required size of flags), cut around the template with your scissors or rotary cutter, this will give you your Bunting Flags.
Do the same for the Backing Fabric – I have used plain red fabric for this.
Now all of your flags are cut, you are ready to sew.
Once at your sewing machine, place the cut triangles back to back (right side to right side). Sew along each edge leaving the top flat section un-sewn.
Once all of the flags have been sewn together on the two sides, you can then trim the outside areas of each flag. This is an optional step, however it just makes the bunting a little neater.
You will then need to turn the flags inside out, so the correct design side of each fabric is on the outside.
You can poke the corners of each flag out with scissors or a knitting needle, then iron the flags so they are easier to sew on the Bias Binding / Ribbon.
Head over to your sewing machine and sew all of the flags onto the Bias Binding / Ribbon along the top flat section of the flags using contrasting thread (in this case red thread to match the red bias binding) – I have used a 25mm Polycotton Bias Binding.
Once all of the flags have been sewn onto the Bias Binding, you can then give the bunting a quick press with the iron and then it is ready to be put up.
Here is the finished Bunting!
Good luck making your bunting !
Best wishes
Lulu’s Bunting Shop
Instagram: lulusbuntingshopx




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