Childrens Apron Tutorial (approximately age 3 - 5) by Heather

Childs Apron Tutorial (Approximately age 3 - 5) 


Fabric Requirements:

Either 1 Fat Quarter Bundle

or 1 metre in total  (I used half a metre each of two different fabrics)


You will need:

  • 2 of 21 x 16 inches, 1 in main colour, 1 in contrast colour
  • 3 of 22 x 4 inches in contrast colour
  • 2 of 12 x 6.5 inches,  1 in main colour, 1 in contrast colour

(Use a quarter inch seam allowance throughout)



Take both apron pieces (21 x 16). 1a. Place them right sides together. Along the top short edge and mark 5 inches in from each corner. Mark 13 inches up from bottom corners on the left and right sides. 1b. Mark a line between the points on each side and then cut off the triangles on each side.



Take your three strap pieces, 2a. Fold over a half inch seam on one end of two of the straps. 2b. Fold in half long edges together, open back out and fold the long sides to the centre, press then fold the whole thing in half again to give the 1 inch strap. 2c. Sew one eighth of an inch around all edges. On the neck strap there is no need to fold the ends in as they will be sewn into the apron.



Take both pocket pieces. 3a. Place them right sides together and sew around all sides leaving a 3 inch gap for turning at the bottom. Remember to backstitch at the start at end. 3b. Clip the corners close to the stitching then turn right side out through the gap, press, folding the seams at the opening to the inside. Top stitch the top edge.



Sew on the pocket to the front panel approximately  6.5 inches up from the bottom and 2.5 inches in from each side making sure to reinforce by backstitching at start and finish. Add any extra stitching lines to split the pocket. I added one in the centre. Start sewing at the bottom of the pocket and sew towards the top making sure to reinforce your stitching at the top.


Attaching the straps. Take the strap with the two raw edges and trim to size if required. Pin to the top edge facing inwards half an inch in from each side so you don't catch it in the side seam when sewing. Make sure to not twist it.



Take a side strap and pin the raw edge to the side of the apron again pointing inwards.Repeat with the other strap. I also pinned the straps down in the centre so they don't move when you are sewing the layers together.


Pin the back panel to the front panel right sides together leaving a 5 inch gap open at the bottom making sure all the straps are encased inside. 6a. Sew around leaving gap. Clip bottom corners and clip notches at the points. 



Turn Apron through the gap. Press then top stitch all the way around closing up the gap in the bottom as you go. Your apron is now complete.



(To make a bigger apron, just add extra inches to the width and length)


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