Shirring Elastic. 0.5mm x 20m Reel - Assorted Colours - Sold Indiviually

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Shirring Elastic. 0.5mm x 20m Reel - 10 Assorted Colours - Sold Individually

  • Shirring elastic is used in the bobbin of your sewing machine. It allows you to create a smocked effect in your fabric. When using this elastic, you'll need to slowly wind it onto a bobbin by hand. Be careful not to pull or stretch the thread as you wind it.
  • Then simply pop the bobbin into your machine as usual. Don't use this as the top thread on your machine, it's not necessary - just use your regular thread in the top. Put down the presser foot and (on a scrap piece of fabric!!) begin to sew... then sew another line about half an inch away from the first. Once you've sewn a few test lines of stitches you'll see it pulling together your fabric as it should, thus creating the "smocked" effect
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