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    The Croft Shetland Country Pattern Book
    By Rosee Woodland and Mary Henderson


    An amazing collection of patterns including Cardigans, Gloves and Hand Accessories, Hats and Headwear, Jumpers and Sweaters, Scarves, Snoods and Cowls, Waistcoats and Gilets

    Patterns For...Adults, Men, Women

    4.5mm, 4mm, 5mm

    Yarn WeightAran

    The rural agricultural community on the Shetland Islands have a long and prestigious history of rearing Britain’s most northerly native sheep breed and collecting its high-quality wool. This is part of a practice known as crofting, which is integral to the landscape, cultural heritage and social economy of the Shetland Islands. It bonds people and places in a unique way, preserving livelihoods and age old traditions.


    The wool for the patterns in this book can be found on our website here.

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