Fat Quarter Bundle
Black Hogworts Per 1/2M
Black/ Orange Harry Per 1/2M
Cup House 4 Piece Fq Bundle
Daily Prophet Per 1/2M
Golden Snitch Per 1/2M
Gryffindor Per 1/2M
Harry, Hermione & Ron Per 1/2M
House Cups Per 1/2M
Hufflepuff Per 1/2 M
Ravenclaw Per 1/2 M
Slytherin Per 1/2 M
The Maurauders Map Per 1/2M

Harry Potter, Fat Quarter Bundle & Fabrics by the Half Metre, 100% Cotton Fabrics ~

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Harry Potter, 100% cotton fabrics, licensed prints.
We have a 5 piece fat quarter bundle ( each piece approx 20 x 22 inches)
9 designs available per half metre ( fabric with is 112cm) if you order more than one half metre, the fabric will be sent to you in one continuous piece.
Not intended for use in Children's sleepwear
The Harry Potter cotton fabrics feature the Hogwarts houses; Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Griffindor, along with images of the characters and news print designs.