Vlieseline H410-316 : White - 90cm wide - Sold Per Half Metre

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Vlieseline H410-316 : White - 90cm wide - Sold Per Half Metre

Soft interlining with stabilising vertical threads.  Suitable for front parts of jackets etc and small parts susceptible to distortion.  For light to heavy weight. Retains perfect shape through threads along the grain. Comfortable to wear. Strong yet flexible feel.

We strongly recommend that you attach a small piece of interfacing to a fabric remnant with your iron first to make sure that the hold and the adhesion meet your expectations.Important: The lengthwise thread of the fusible interlining should match the thread direction of the fabric.

1. Place the interlining on the reverse side of the fabric with the coated side facing down, cover with a damp cloth and iron section by section for around 12 seconds. Do not push the iron. 

2. After fixing, lay the pieces down flat to cool down for around 30 minutes to allow the bond to stabilise.

Please click the link below to the Vlieseline website for more information:

Vlieseline website here

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