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    New Option to Choose Fabrics by Colour at Always Knitting & Sewing

    • 1 min read

    We have a new option, for helping you to view and select your fabrics. Hopefully this may be useful and easier when you have a colour in mind for your sewing and craft makes.

    A new category ‘ Choose Fabrics by Colour ‘ has been added to the Category column on the left side of the Homepage. This then opens into a list of colours for you to select your preference.



    We still have our other favourite fabric categories for you to choose from, if colour is not your primary requirement :

    Cotton Fabric by the metre

    Polycotton Fabric by the metre

    Cotton Fabric Bundles

    Polycotton Fabric Bundles 

    Moda Cotton Fabric

    More Premium Cotton Fabrics

    Other Fabrics and Material