What are fat quarters?

We often get asked about fat quarters –  what exactly are they and what can you use them for ?

A fat quarter is a piece of fabric which is basically a metre ( or a yard in some cases )  which has been cut into 4 pieces ( quarters)

If a fat quarter is cut from a yard of fabric is should measure approximately 18 x 22 inches and if it has been cut from a metre it will measure approximately 20 x 22 inches.

Fat quarters are great for lots of projects –  they are just big enough for a cushion for instance but they are often used for things like patchwork and smaller project work – dolls house furnishing/clothing  and loads of other things

We put several fat quarters together into  matching colours which compliment each other –  these are known as fat quarter bundles and are great because you get a good variety of patterns which look good together.

Here is one of  our recent bundles in which you have 7 fat quarters in matching colours etc.


Bundle 7 polycotton fat quarters summer stripe